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Asset Protection with Life Insurance

Frivolous lawsuits, unjustified claims and asset seizure have become easier lately, posing a real danger to anyone who possesses wealth. Those most exposed include entrepreneurs, sports professionals, medical doctors, company executives and real estate owners.

Therefore, there is an acute need to legally protect an individualís assets from unjustified legal claims or asset seizure. In this environment, legal protection from creditors and forced repatriation is essential. This is exactly where Praetorian Trust can help.

Asset Protection with Life Insurance

Insurance Wrappers, a term that has only recently regained popularity, have been around for some time. When constructed correctly, insurance wrappers can be a very shrewd option.

Insurance wrappers have the advantage of being basic life insurance policies holding a specific portfolio of assets that mature on the death of the life insured. Alternatively, the policy can be terminated earlier, and the asset moved elsewhere, for example into a family foundation.

Hence, insurance wrapper benefits are higher, assets are administered separately and fees are absolutely transparent. They are easily tailored to every individual, because they can hold a wide range of assets. Praetorian Trust can show you how.

For more detailed information, we invite you to visit our Praetorian Trust VIP Member Section.

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